Picture of the author

Elle Liang

Elle Liang is a HR Operations Director by day and a rom-com novel connoisseur by night. Born in Taiwan, she spent most of her childhood moving from country to country with her family. One thing was constant however, and that was her love for a good book—and also chocolate. She loves chocolate.

Elle graduated from the University of Toronto where she studied psychology and human biology with the intention of pursuing medicine. Much to her parents’ dismay, she now uses her psychology background to motivate teams and develop character arcs. She fell into the world of writing when reading itself wasn’t enough to satisfy her need to get lost in a good story.

When Elle is not analyzing sales reports or character motivations, you will find her taking very short walks by the often-frozen Lake Ontario, plotting her next project. She lives in the metropolitan and diverse city of Toronto with her partner and her white eskimo-pomeranian puppy disguised as a fur-shedding machine.